Friday, 27 August 2010

There's tasty

Spotted on John Fallon's website - a super rare Santamonica. John has an uncanny knack of sourcing rare bikes, and they don't get rarer than this: just 204 Santamonica's were built, supposedly for Japan only which was Ducati's biggest market back in the mid eighties. Named after the Autodromo Santamonica (where Lucchinelli won a Formula 1 round on a 750F1 racer), this was the end of the line for Taglioni designed Ducatis, as detailed in Benzina #2. If you think a Ducati should be a straightforward vee twin designed by Dr T, this was the last Ducati ever built.

So how mush is it? I didn't ask: I can resist anything except temptation. But I'll wager that whatever it costs, in five years it'll will be worth much more. Pension plan? It's Santamonica vs. Santander...

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