Thursday, 12 August 2010

Big Bang Theory

Oops - this is the back tyre on my 1975 Bianchi racer. The front tyre matches. Bought recently on, it was to be a little light nostalgia, and a reminder of how far bicycles have come. Ridden up and down our lane all (eventually)seemed OK, and although the original tyres looked, well, 35 years old I liked the period touch. So I thought I'd give it a go at Chippenham Wheelers Tuesday evening Castle Coombe track session. I soon realised the tyres needed a bit more pressure, and duly stuck 80psi in each. Riding onto the track I thought the back wheel was loose, but it was a large tyre blister pushing against the frame. Two surprisingly large bangs got me some attention, and made me grateful I wasn't being followed by a large truck at the time...

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