Monday, 2 August 2010

Faking it

This rather fabulous 750SS has just been restored by a serial Ducati nut to showroom fresh shinyness, and is a thing of rare beauty. A roundcase SS makes top dollar now, chasing down Vincent and Brough prices, and why not? They've a fabulous heritage, and depending on who you believe only between 200 and 400 were ever made.

Sadly this makes them attractive to fakers. We know of at least two 750SS that are probably silicone rather than flesh, and so have made someone a lot of money. Which is why the owner of this one gathered together the sort of paper trail that left not a trace of doubt in his mind before parting with hard earned. Sadly this is the way of the world, from the Turin shroud on. Italy is full of "collectors" with wonderful workshops capable of top draw restorations or convincing fakes, depending on the people involved. And the Italian's charming if fatal habit of telling people what they want to hear doesn't help.

So what to do? Either know your stuff, know who to ask, or know who to trust. The Good Guys links on our site might help, and I'm usually happy to get involved (OK, be nosy) but in the end it's caveat emptor. Buy a bike because you like it, and at a price you can afford. After all, the hit you'll take if you buy a fake's probably no worse than if you prang it. And if you're buying it to hide away, well - hopefully you're the proud owner of that 750SS with GT internals...

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