Sunday, 29 August 2010

Ducati V8...oh yes!

This is Ducati's prototype V8, snapped by the world's most famous Ducati photographer, Phil Aynsley.

I've a call in to Livio Lodi at the Ducati museum but he's on holiday (like the rest of Italy): in the meantime we think it was built for an O.S.C.A. (a Maseratti offshoot: Stirling Moss loves them; just watch him race one here) and was intended for F1 when 1500cc was the capacity limit.

A two valve air cooled V8 competitive in F1? Well, if you know better, get in touch. And you really should buy Phil's astonishing book before it sells out; amazing how out-of-print Ducati stuff seems to rise in value...

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