Thursday, 19 August 2010

Dull but useful

If I had a pound for every time someone asked where this mirror on my 450 Desmo came from I'd have enough to buy another one. Anodised alloy, folds back for filtering, really great wide-angle vision. Goes on either bar (main pic is outside the Ducati factory, so I'd switched it over for riding in Italy) and looks as trick as a mirror can. Originally bought for the Giro (if you can ride through Italian cities without mirrors you're braver - and probably deader - than me) by the end of the week I was so impressed I bought one for the 900SS as well. £40 with the `bar adapter is top dollar, but cheaper than landing on a fast lane BMW. Made by CRG, I bought mine online from Faster by Design

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  1. Pierre Terblanche saw one of these on my Moto Rumi several years back at the Motogiro, and was really curious about them and asked me a couple questions... next year the Hypermotard came out with folding mirrors! I'm not saying he copied my crg mirrors, but he was definitely curious about them...