Wednesday, 11 November 2015

British Ducati fans rejoice!

What a year to be a British bike - and especially Ducati - fan. Danny Kent's our first Grand Prix world champion (used to live just up the road from me), Michael Rutter pedals a TT1 round the Isle of Man at over 120mph - and now this; Ducati have already sold over 50,000 bikes in 2015
All-time sales record for Ducati: bike deliveries top 50,000 for the first time ever

  • On 10 November Ducati delivered its 50,000th bike of 2015, an increase of no less than 23% with respect to the same date last year
  • Seven new 2016 bikes to be unveiled at EICMA
  • “More than Red: Black, Wild and Pop”. This is the title of the Ducati World Première 2016, to be streamed live around the world on Monday 16 November at 4.30 pm (CET time)

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 11 November 2015 – Ducati Motor Holding continues to grow and has now - for the first time its history - broken through the 50,000 bike sales per year barrier. This ground-breaking result was reached on 10 November. By the same date last year Ducati had sold 40,650 motorcycles which was, at the time, a record for the Bologna-based bike manufacturer.

In the wake of this major achievement, the company is now getting ready to reveal the most important new products for 2016, a year that will, as previously announced, see the arrival of nine new bikes.

To ensure the ever-greater involvement of the Ducatisti community, the “Ducati World Première 2016” will be streamed live starting at 4.30 pm (CET time) on Monday 16 November.

From 17 November (the day set aside for the press) to Sunday 22 November, all the latest from Ducati will be on show at EICMA 2015, the international motorcycle exhibition  - now at its 73rd edition - that will be held at the Trade Fair centre in Rho-Milan.

Reaching the 50,000 bike mark is a huge sales achievement for Ducati”, commented Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding. “Growth is not a goal in itself but, rather, an indicator of customer satisfaction with regard to both the bikes and the overall quality of our work. It’s a result we’re very proud of, one that rewards our efforts and confirms the soundness of our strategy. It also stems from continuous product innovation, far-reaching geographic expansion and efforts to become ever-closer to the Ducatisti community. It’s also a result that augers well for EICMA 2015, where we’ll be presenting seven all-new bikes. Together with the Monster 1200 R and another new bike eagerly awaited for the end of the year, that adds up to no less than nine new bikes for 2016.

On Monday 16 November, Milan will also host the Ducati World Première 2016, a live-streaming event that will involve thousands of enthusiasts all over the world. It will be entitled “More than Red: Black, Wild and Pop”. Three words that herald new horizons for Ducati – and an entry into three new worlds.

Watch the Ducati World Première 2016 on (worldwide), (Germany).

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Ducati on a roll for 2016

Despite the woes of parent company VAG (aka VW) Ducati are lining up for 2016 filled with confidence. There are those who expect VAG to have to sell of at least one brand after the defeat-device scandal (now extended to petrol engines) with Porsche tipped to be the first to go. Let's hope Ducati gets left in peace so they can build on their current success.

First of Ducati's nine new 2016 models has been spotted by Italian mag Motociclismo. It’s a learner legislation friendly 400 L-twin Scrambler. Not a single as some predicted, but most of us know that would be far more expensive to put into production than a revived version of the 400 L-twin that was available for the Japanese market as the six speed F3. Picture shows cost cutting in the swingarm and lack of tank  panel, but what did you expect? Smaller holes in the barrels don't save any cash.

On my visit to the US some very well connected folk expected a new V4 - a limited edition model as a sort of lower spec Desmosedici, since collectors are already pushing up the price of the originals. There was a time when £25,000 would have secured you one, but Ducati must have noticed how prices have rebounded and how well the limited run Superleggera L-twin sold. A new V4 wouldn't be aimed at racing however, a job firmly left to the Panigale.

And after John Hopkins and Moto Rapido showed that the Panigale can be competitive in British Superbike racing, next season Ducati are looking to win the title. Paul Bird Motorsport will contest the 2016 races with Panigale Rs, fielding four-time BSB champion Shakey Byrne alongside Glenn Irwin. These are not folk used to doing the best they can given their budget - these are people used to winning, and with direct support from Ducati Corse we'll hope they can.

It's also great that Ducati haven't used this as an excuse to leave Moto Rapido out in the cold, but will continue supporting Wilf and his team. No word on riders yet, but be nice if Hopper stays on board.