Saturday, 14 August 2010


You absolutely must own this - a new DVD, pretty much a labour of love by the firm's curator Livio Lodi - "Ducati - the story." Just watch a clip here and then order via your nearest Ducati dealer. Unbelievably they're only available to special offer, and not cheap at £29.95, but then hardly anyone seems to understand customer relationships anymore. But that might be a view formed by the book I'm reading at the minute


  1. Tell us more... I loved alot of the footage in the clip. But the words sounded like advertising to me... is the rest of the video so sycophantic?

  2. Sycophantic? Oh yes, the voice overs and vox-pops are pure adulation. Watch it with the sound off and something like Florence+the Machine or Bob Seager live on the CD player. Then just enjoy the old time racers fly by walls, houses, and trees to appreciate what a sanitised, cynically world we now live in - which ironically gets us DVDs like this