Thursday, 5 August 2010

Garelli 350 at Teas and Cakes?

The handsome fellow in the photo is Ettore Girardi on the Garelli 350 he used to win the first ever "Milano Taranto" (it ended at Napoli back then) in 1919. He managed the 500 odd miles of rough and ready roads at a heady 24mph average. More on the race in Benzina issue 1 and more on the bike in issue 3, out October. But much sooner than October - this Saturday 7th August, in fact, is our tea and cakes meet. Free tea, free cakes, and a chance to flick through hot-off-the presses Benzina #2. It might be too far for you, but heck you might be holidaying just down the road. More at Teas and Cakes and if you might come, please email - helps make sure we've enough cakes and offer directions to newbies; some say we're hard to find, but even I manage it most days.

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