Friday, 13 August 2010

Punk v Rock

Recently read Tony Parson's "Stories we could tell" - usual thing on holiday, read everything worth reading so dip into whatever's lying around - and if you liked the punk era, maybe it's for you. But it got me thinking that the bike crowds I was mixing with at the time (one in Wiltshire, one in Cardiff) never really got punk. We went to see Buzzcocks live, but after hearing "Ever fallen in love..." played badly 37 times we left think the support act was better; clever lyrics, catchy hooks and people who could actually play. They were called Squeeze , and I seem to remember went on to great things. But the people we really liked, and who came out of nowhere, were AC-DC. And anyone who can make you rave to a song about having sex with a 19 stone fugly clearly knew a thing or two about what makes great music. Bon Scott, rest in peace

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