Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Undervalued classic?

As word reaches us of yet another roundcase Ducati 750SS selling for some £60k, and a couple of Laverda 75oSFCs making over £30k, this Guzzi V7 Sport might be the most undervalued Italian classic around.

The Italian's were into building low run 750s for racing in the early seventies, and Guzzi's was the V7 Sport. Based on the touring V7, designer Tonti ditched the belt-driven dynamo between the cylinders and stuck an alternator on the front of the crank instead. This left space to run the twin top tubes of his new frame from headstock to tail, doing away with the V7's loop frame, lowering the overall centre of gravity and improving handling beyond recognition.

Homologation for production racing required 100 bikes to be built, and it's thought less than 200 of the red (chrome-molybdenum) framed bikes were hand built. Later bikes came via a production line with black painted steel frames, but still had the gear driven cams and more performance than any other 750, including the Honda four and Ducati 750GT.

So how much for this nicely prepped slice of lime? Just £10,500 from the always fair John Fallon at madeinitalymotorcycles

Better than money in the bank

Jack Findlay racing a V7 Sport

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