Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Brakes are more powerful than engines

Another snowfall, another unfortunate to dig out of the roadside. The brakes on a family car can generate more power than a Ferrari engine, which is why their 60-0 time is faster than the 0-60 acceleration of any Fezzer. But so what?

So what is that everyone who's crashed down our lane says "the brakes just locked" or "the ABS didn't cut in" No, you burke, because on packed snow friction is fiction, and you can no more brake than you could max out a new Italia. Get over it people, and learn to think ahead.

Those who ride bikes, and especially old bikes, know that you can never rely on brakes alone. I just wish I could trust everyone else to do the same, as they slide past my kids, completely unable to control over a ton of scrap metal and hoping they hit something soft.

Like a pedestrian

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