Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Inspiring Soichiro

If we can decide on which giro to enter (see below) we might break with tradition and try it the hard way - on a pre '57 175. But which one? Ducati 175s float our boat, but thinking ahead (just for once) they're not eligible for the Milano Taranto. So how about a Mondial? The 125 racers were inspiration (closer to a blueprint, actually) for Honda's original 125 racers. And MV Agusta's. And they taught Taglioni about bevel cam drive and desmodromics. For a firm that built a tenth of Gilera's output, never mind Guzzi's, they're up there as one of the greatest bike builders of all time. A 175OHC roadbike would be fab, but they're silly money. So how about this little 160 at North Leicester Motorcycles?

North Leicester Motorcycle's Mondial 160

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