Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Spaghetti Carbonara - American bacon meets Italian cucina

Friends have just got these little fellas, so come early summer they'll need to be space in the freezer and hopefully some homemade bacon.

As the liberating Americans came up through Italy they'd ask Trattorias if they could cook something using the eggs and bacon sent from home. Spaghetti Carbonara was the result, so it doesn't want pancetta but thick cut smokey bacon. One of Team Benzina's faves, and a family meal that takes 15 minutes from 'fridge to table. Ready meals? How very American...

Try it - this'll serve 4; you'll need 6 slices smoked back bacon, 2 eggs, parmesan or similar, a clove or two of garlic, fresh parley, plus 350-400g spaghetti depending on your appetite

Big pan of water onto boil, and get the pasta on. Meanwhile chop bacon into smallish squares, and fry in olive oil 'till browning - 5 minutes plus. Crush garlic cloves and fry with the bacon for 30 seconds or so and then bin (the garlic cloves, not the bacon!). Add a splash of white wine and let it reduce, then keep the mix warm

Break the eggs into a warm bowl big enough to take all the cooked pasta, whisk briefly with a fork, adding a chopped tablespoon of fresh parsley, pepper and about 50g of grated parmesan.

Soon as the spaghetti's cooked (see the packet, but usually about 10 minutes) drain and add to the eggy bowl, pour on the bacony gloop, and stir madly to coat with the all the egg/cheese/parsley/bacon. Serve prontisimo on hot plates.

And please - no cream. We're not French, dammit

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