Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Get me a pic, and make it snappy

Team Benzina were privileged to help out on a Classic Bike photoshoot, with ace lensman John Noble catching olden days racer Richard Stevens at large on his Enfield Interceptor. And as with most things, you never realise what's involved until you get involved. Hours doing statics, getting lighting just so, with kit that costs about the same as a roundcase Duke 750SS does these days.

And then, chasing fading light, onto the road. Lawyers and Hi-Vis vest types mean the days of hanging out the back of estate cars are long gone, so eight grands worth of Canon gets Duck taped to the back of a fruity Vauxhall. Purtroppo (as the Italians say) a dead car battery left the car rolling backwards towards the proverbial grassy knoll - on a blind bend. My, how we laughed. Only much later, when we'd saved the camera.

Here's my pics of the gig. John's efforts should make CB's cover in March. Mine took seconds to catch - John's took hours, plus post production (aka Photoshop) and a damn near 300 mile round trip. The guy's a legend in the bike mag business for very sound reasons

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  1. Legend you say? Oh yes.