Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Rarer than steak tartare

Seen on an Italian website, and possibly the rarest Ducati ever sold, a 220cc F3 racer. This is the big bore version of a 175 F3, presumably built to gatecrash the 250 class before the 250 F3 appeared. The seller reckons just five were built, and will only talk money after meeting up at his home in Italy. No timewasters, he says. Like you could.

A lovely thing, but what would you do with it? Hand made to order, nothing from any other Ducati will fit. So if it breaks, you've got to find someone who could make you, oh I don't know, a crankcase say.

First person who says it could go in a museum gets a lifetime working in Harley Davidson's new model development shop.

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