Monday, 26 May 2014

The Bike Shed Event mark 3 - the weird and the wonderful

The skinny jean, bearded Shoresditch set were joined by the great and the good over a fabulous weekend. Amazing turn out for the third Bike Shed Event. The first UK appearance of the new Paton was a hell of a coup, and a great Ducati showing. Tim Maccabee (MD of Ducati UK) wore an old "Scrambler" tee shirt to further stoke the rumours that we'll see a new L-twin Scrambler sometime this year. Or just to stop me asking him every five minutes. The art was almost as interesting as the bikes, and helmet art is clearly the Next Big Thing. But I'm still not convinced by all that exhaust tape, or the weird Laverda 750 (with the red frame below), but the setting was fantastic - I was last at the London Docks aboard a ship in 1978, and my oh my, have things moved on

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