Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Isle of Man equals TT mixed feeling

Really enjoying ITV4's TT coverage, and was in a positive frame of mind after reading the always excellent Gary Inman's piece on the history, future and much improved safety record of the Island in an online post for Cycle World. Michael Dunlop's efforts especially have been sensational. If you just want good news please read no further. This is a bit cathartic for me, and maybe thought provoking for you

As I've posted before I've stayed away from the TT, simply because I've been to race meetings where people died and hated it. So going to one so far from home where a fatality seemed inevitable was never going to be for me - but I went to the Classic TT last year (and am booked to go again in August) and wondered if I'd been missing out. When I learned Karl Harris had died I feel I'm not. I hope he loved the TT and that that is some small consolation to his loved ones.

The most thoughtful reaction I've read is - as usual by -  Bikewriter/Mark Gardiner (who has raced at the TT). I have watched the IoM's "young guns" recruitment project - like the TT - with very mixed feelings. I briefly met Karl when I was supporting Ollie Bridewell in BSB, who met a tragic end in wet practice at Mallory in 2007. I found out about Karl at almost the same time that I discovered another friend - Ducati historian Marc Poels - had been killed riding his Ducati in France. I guess all three were doing what they loved but never thought they'd pay the price. And nor did I. Knee jerk reactions are never good, and mine is to sell my bikes. Give it a week, and then who knows?

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