Thursday, 8 May 2014

Celebrity Orange - why they love carrots and Laverdas in Holland

Interesting piece on so-called heritage carrots in the cookery section of the Sunday Times, mainly liking the fact they're not bright orange - less likely to clash with your organic hummus at a hipster supper party, apparently. What I didn't know was that the Dutch, alongside obsessing about black tulips while us Brits nicked their empire, are responsible for modern carrots being orange. Apparently they were so obsessed with their national colour that they cross-bred wild carrots until their dull, yellowish hue became bright orange. The rest of us just followed suit.

The love of orange may be the reason that the Dutch love Laverdas, the high point being Cor Dees museum (that I still haven't got round to visiting) but that wasn't the reason Piero kitted his endurance racers out as flying advertisements for Jaffa. The truth was reported in Benzina issue 2, and there's even a piece on what his fabulous Laverda V6 is like to ride in issue 4. Best of all are the fab pics of Piero's V6 in the final issue (unlucky13) of Benzina by Hermann Kopf

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