Saturday, 17 May 2014

Another book; but Honda V4s? Yes really...

An Italophile writing a Honda book? But the V4 story fascinated me, and I was lucky enough to have invaluable insights from Cook Neilson - racer and Cycle editor of legend - and Gerald Davison, who ran Honda UK and the NR500 project. Genuine never before told insights. Includes production histories, specifications and over 250 colour illustration, from development of the first Honda V4, the oval piston NR500 and the  VF road models that followed. Also covered the VFR750 and VFR800 (including 2014 update) and VFR1200F; the legend of the RC30 to the opposite extreme of Honda V4-ness the 1990 Pan European/ST1100/1300 and CTX1300 cruiser. And of course  Honda V4s in MotoGP and, finally, owners' experiences and insight from those who worked in the industry.
Out in June, and advance orders will be shipped by the month end.  It’s probably cheaper elsewhere but if you’d like a signed and dedicated copy you can get one at my Big Cartel shop . Thank you!

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