Saturday, 10 May 2014

Biking is dead - long live the Bike Shed

Just been chatting to Dutch about the upcoming Bike Shed Event III and it's going to be a cannot-miss gig (Gig? I'm a bit old to say gig...). Four times more space than last year, with all the extras that make it a full day out rather than just "it's 2pm, so this must be the Guzzi stand". There's even a barber and space for "distinguished ladies & gentlemen in appropriately furnished luxurious surroundings"  - at least I'm not too old for that. There's a bit on whether or not this is the future of biking in Benzina 12, with a counterpoint by Tim Maccabee (Ducati UK MD) in Benzina 13. Hopefully Ducati will have a new Scrambler to customise for a 2015 Bike Shed do.

The Bike Shed Event is far and away the best bike show I've ever been to (and I have been to many) and last year even the car park had more impressive stuff than anything ever seen inside the NEC. But perhaps the biggest praise I can offer is that while teenage daughter and my wife (aka Dr Girlie Nice-Smile, aka the Cake Lady) would never go near a bike show, they'll be at the Bike Shed bash in  the Grade I listed Tobacco Dock, a short walk from Tower Bridge. Supporting our youngest for his AS exams means I couldn't justify the time a stand would need, but if you see a bewildered middle-aged country boy wandering around - that'll be me. Come and say hello.

Held 10-6pm over Saturday and Sunday 24/25 May 2014 (the Bank Holiday weekend), it is a far cry from the typical bike show. No, the latest Hondawowsuzuki won't be there, but the bikes that will be should be fascinating. Plus the venue, food and drink on offer make it feel more like a party than a show. Buy tickets here for £10 and they're valid for both days - the ultimate dirty weekend?

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