Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Stiff little fingers

Stiff little fingers, maybe but 12" double jointed fingers (plus a spare hand) would be more useful. Spent most of the weekend trying to get bikes on the road (when I wasn't conscripted to the Urchfont scarecrow festival) and my god you realise how seventies bikes could be fiddly to work on. To change the Darmah's oil filter needs the front carb loosening, but I hoped taking the float bowl off would do - not a hope. The you need to hold the carb with one hand, use another to put the nut back on, and another...bugger, run out of hands. On the other side the front exhaust really needs to come off, but if you do one zillionth of a turn before changing the spanner's angle you can avoid this...just. And the hose/ziptied funnel means toy can refill the oil with the exhaust in place too. Genius (not).

And finally got the Sei to start - taking off the crash bars I'd inadvertently let the earth strap float off, because it's behind a bolt which goes into a non-captive nut behind the engine: all done by feel, Luigi: no wonder the Italians are reputed to be so good in the sack

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  1. Glad to see you had a enjoyable time Greg, now you know why you just love Italian bikes !!. Pat.