Friday, 6 May 2011

High mileage 916: raced, lent out, not original. Definitely not for sale

This is Ian Smith's 916, ridden by Carl Fogarty for a good few laps of Mallory Park. He then very kindly signed the body work which was auctioned off. The proceeds went to the Rob Vine Fund, which provides medical assistance for Motorsports events on the Isle of Man; good Karma for Ian's Manx 2010 race, the 916 now in silver bodywork and as the stickers show, well used. Despite all this, the 916 has never faltered, largely thanks to the ministrations of the excellent Ducati John.

The original parts went far and wide, the tank to Australia with shipping costing more than the donation for the tank! As Mr Whitham would say, “what a good do”

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