Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Issue #5 on the way!

Benzina #5's at the printers, and will ship very soon. If you've not yet ordered a copy here's a taste of what you'll miss...
Impressionable youth vs. Ducati 750GT. Richard Skelton (of Funky Moped fame) didn’t stand a chance Inspiring Taglioni: Moto Guzzi’s fabulous Bicilindrica ridden and rated by the legendary Sammy Miller. Plus reminiscing on racing for Mondial and Ducati at the TT
Riding a Mondial dirt bike 500 miles through an English winter’s night, and Pat Slinn racing Ducati’s Regolarita on the Isle of Man ISD. Yes, thePat Slinn who wrenched for Hailwood and Rutter. We've been through his photo album with a scanner. It's good....
Lost marques that deserve remembering, from Frera to Galloni. And more recent forgotten treasure: MV’s water cooled, fuel injected boxer 500/4 designed to lure Ago back to the Agustas, and rebuilding it today. To complete the Agusta fest, the truth about MV's racing sixes that never were, just because the competition threw in the towel - twice
Refurbishing an old Laverda triple (the future’s bright; the future’s orange) and the Morini Settebello and Rebello: beautiful in any language
Seaplanes to singles - the Aermacchi story: never mind bikes, they could beat Spitfires. And racing Aermacchi's pushrod single that could catch MV's GP bikes. 145mph at the TT
And still no ads, just the highest quality printing in the business. 88 pages of pure class - that's a lot when you flip through every othe magazine and realise almost 40% of the pages are advertising. How do we do it? With love and the hope you'll tell everyone you know to buy a copy: free warm fuzzy feeling when you get a friend to subscribe

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