Thursday, 26 May 2011

Gone riding

Away now till 6th June (would've been longer if the Giro hadn't been cancelled!) so orders might be a bit delayed going out: and sorry, no Teas and Cakes this month. Funnily enough, the family don't want to cater for a bunch of old time bikers...
I'm off to Lake Como to investigate the state of the old Guzzi factory and ride the Circuito del Lario. As per Benzina #4 I'll hire a Guzzi from Agostini (no, the other one: who won the Milano-Taranto) and try to get over another missed Giro. Maybe the dust will have settled when I get back, and the Terni Giro will become the default event. Or maybe it's time to do the TT...

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  1. Currently enjoying #5 which arrived in the mail yesterday. Please do a full report on what's happening with Guzzi. Are they shutting down, beeing sold to a chinese company... so many rumours.