Thursday, 12 May 2011

Boxer beat #2

Benzina #5 includes the incredible story of MV's two-stroke eater - a flat-4 watercooled boxer with fuel injection: this in 1976 - and you might ask why this has remained forgotten for so long. Well, guess what: I'm told it's down to lawyers, and researching the piece I was warned off more than once, so none of this is in print, and I probably dreamt it all...

MV stuck the project away, but were persuaded to sell it to famous collector A, who understandably had a contract that said he'd bought everything, lock stock and barrel
Collector B then leaked details of his bits and piecesof the boxer-4 to the Italian press. Litigation followed. People stopped talking. And engine pieces - maybe even a complete engine - was reluctantly handed over to collector A.
It's probably all nonsense, and if you'd like to know more, I'm afraid I've already forgotten who told me anything: that's the way it is with dreams...
Anyway the nuts and bolts story of the engine (above, in the seventies) and were it is now are in Benzina #5, out in a week or be sure of getting a copy, subscribe by clicking the button on the right

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  1. You're stuck in a lift with a lawyer, 2 starving tigers and a ravenous Grizzly. You have only 2 bullets in your gun (as you do). What do you do?
    Shoot the lawyer; twice.