Monday, 7 February 2011

Uh oh...Valentine's day coming up

Time to build those brownie points, because it'll soon be the riding season and already there's the question of bailing out of the usual Easter family get-together because some fool's put the Stafford Bike Show on over the Easter weekend.

But cook the lady (or chap) in your life a fine dining experience on Valentine's Day and who knows what you'll be allowed to get away with. If you can't cook this, you shouldn't be allowed out on a bike.

You'll need a couple of salmon fillets and some ready made puff (or filo) pastry (easily found in the supermarket) plus maybe some bits and bobs to titivate. Goes really well with grilled courgettes/zucchini (try Fab Frugal Foods idea, pictured)

Roll the pastry out (the packet will give advice, but you want it quite thin) and cut into a shape that'll let you make a parcel with each salmon fillet. I usually put a bit of butter and dried dill on top of the fillet, plus maybe some chopped capers - if you're feeling flash baby spinach or asparagus (pictured) works well too): seal and brush with milk and sit on a oiled baking tray to rest in the 'fridge for half an hour.

Oven on to around 190 degrees (check the pastry packet for more info) and cook for 25-30 minutes when the pastry should be golden. Serve with the zucchini or even frozen peas if you struggle with cooking. Piece of cake, and now you're owed a favour

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