Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pure Class - entering the Motogiro

People keep asking, so here are the definitive Giro categories for the Dream Engine event: but basically if you've a motorcycle, you're in (unless it's a 1960s tiddler)

Vintage Class
Motorcycles up to 175 cc built before 1958, although (as with all classes) if the model was in production before the cut-off date it will usually be admitted.

Memorial Taglioni
Motorcycles over 200cc built between 1968 and 1978.

Touring Super Sport
To complete the travelling museum, which the new TSS class open to motorcycles and sidecars over 250 cc built before 1968.

Tourist class
Open to those who want to live the atmosphere of the Motogiro in a more relaxed way and at a non-competitive level. Bikes of all makes admitted (including hired motorcycles) follow the same itinerary as the classic classes, but are divided into groups of about 25 with a group leader who serves as a guide.


  1. If it were not for the ISLE of Man TT ( the best motorcycle event ever invented !) I would be there. Pat

  2. gotta love the all black leathers of all the guys in the picture.
    Would a 79 jota fit in the taglioni class? They started making it in 76 if i'm correct.

  3. Oh yes - tho 2006 was the last time I saw a Jota on the Giro: you can register at

  4. Excellent, nice shot. Check out this set of shots by Arthur Koek...