Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Spa 4 Hours - another bloody addiction

Resistance is futile - on the back of my addiction to the Motogiro comes a need to get back to the Spa 4 hour race covered in Benzina #3.

So I hope to be at Spa Bikers' Classic again come 2nd July, helping a Guzzi team ( http://teamguzzinerd.blogspot.com/  ) and maybe a Laverda team too - Team Rufus. They have one of the 2nd batch of Laverda space frames produced, and a couple of French riders from Team Lavergnac http://www.team-lavergnac.com/ . I'm just a bit worried that a clumsy oaf like me has been asked to wear fireproof overalls - how hot do these guys like their coffee?

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