Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Standard paintjobs

Looking for a Guzzi S3 reminded me that we painted my brother's 400/4 that way back in the seventies: there it is tucked behind my recently acquired F2, which would finish up fully Yoshimured (below); back then keeping a bike standard just showed a lack of imagination, even though the paint job's were via cans and kitchen tables. These days "original" (ideally shinier than original) is all collectors dream of. Nostalgia originally was a word for a type of sickness. Odd, that...


  1. Brought the memories back! When I first saw the 750 S3 in 1970's I think I did wet myself so I tried to replicate it with the old rattle cans too - trouble is I chose bright yellow for the stripes - not a good look.

    Would still love a 750 S3 if I could only find one...

  2. Following your other point - in the 70's nostalgia was for old men reminiscing about a war that finished 30 years before - now nostalgia is ... er old men reminiscing about bikes that finished production 35 years ago... is there something wrong there or not? I dunno...

    Still looking for the 750 S3 id you aee one under £8k tell them Sid wants one... ;_)

  3. There's always made in Italy M/Cs (link on the right) or ebay - best Italian site is Chas Mortimer would bring it back for under £400