Monday, 11 October 2010

Tight sweaters

Now here's something it would be good to see more of - cheerful advertising that doesn't take itself too seriously. Modern ads seem to fall into two camps - deadly serious (bloke with stubble looking off to one side, sportsbike at max attack) or knowing and funny (which works once or twice, but soon drives you nuts). Of course, way back when, you could always use sex to sell, but that's not allowed now.

But these period ads are proof there's another way - cosy and comfy, in a Kath Kidson way. The Mosquito was Garelli's Cucciolo, a clip on engine that gave birth to complete motorcycles, and ultimately(?) the sports mopeds, the Rekord and Tiger Cross. Full details of Garelli's birth in Benzina #3, available at Stafford (I hope!)

And tight sweaters on ladies. Loving that.

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