Saturday, 9 October 2010

Great Bustard

A few fields from us, there's the Great Bustard Rally - an annual weekend for those that think camping in a field in October is fun. And it is, sort of: the bar opens Friday afternoon and closes late Saturday, about the same time an enormous bonfire gets lit. There's bands, hot food, and best of all the most eclectic bunch of bikes and bikers you could meet. Slightly posh types on big Japanese stuff, right through to the HD bad-boys (one being ignominiously towed in by a Yamaha 600). And of course, there's the Guzzi crowd - if ever a group use their bikes, it's the Guzzi crowd. When the petrol runs out, I'm convinced the last bike running will be a Guzzi V-twin, because like the old UK V-Bomber force, there's always a Guzzi taking off somewhere in the world.

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