Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sleepless in Stafford

10 hours sleep in 3 days might have left me a bit out-of-it, but huge thanks if you came and said Hi at Stafford. The kind words (especially when parting with hard cash) make it all worth while.

By Sunday I must have been hallucinating, because the Bonham's auction results looked all over the place. Having seen the Roger Nicholl's NCR Ducati (and realised that like most race bikes it's not all it once was) I'm not surprised it didn't make daft money, but even so the £44k-odd it got to is a lot less than a roundcase 750SS would rush you these days; surely it's a better bike than that? And a lovely early Gilera Saturno (complete with original funny suspension) just scraped past £7,000 - 25% less than a lesser bike made a year ago. I guess that's down to a weaker Euro, because while the Italian's love Saturno's, most Brits don't even know what they are (better than any Brit equivalent, is the short answer). And a grand for an MV125 track star? Cheap as patate fritte.

But as predicted in Benzina #1, Paso's are on the up - a 907 made over £3 grand - bargain against a new Multistrada, but double what you would have paid 18 months back. And a £1,600 bid failed to secure a fairly ordinary 750 Paso - that would have been over £2k with premiums, and I remember when £700 would have sealed the deal. Buy now, while stocks last...

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