Friday, 17 October 2014

DVD of the world tour aboard Ducati 175s by Giorgio Monetti and Leopoldo Tartarini

I was told about this fabulous documentary by an Italian friend. It combines footage of the 1957/58 world tour aboard Ducati 175s by Giorgio Monetti and Leopoldo Tartarini with up to date filming of the pair reliving their experiences on the bikes today. And you thought the Motogiro was tough.  At a bargain 15 Euros (+8.50 euros shipping; say £20 the lot) you can buy the DVD here

1">">1 MAP for 2 - TRAILER
from POPCult">POPCult> on Vimeo.">Vimeo.>


  1. Thanks for the heads up Greg - looks great. If I can convince them to ship to NZ I will definitely be ordering one. Justin

  2. The route:

  3. Heads up, I just received this in California and it is a PAL format DVD (Not playable in the typical USA DVD player). That should have been obvious to me, but I forgot. Seems to play fine on my computer, but YMMV.