Friday, 10 October 2014

Ducati announce a new (desmo?) variable valve timing system

Ducati have just announced they will unveil "DVT" on October 15th. DVT? Well, I guess it could be that the footpegs are so high on my 916 that they're warning of deep vein thrombosis. But then again the Italian blogs are guessing at Ducati variable (cam) timing. This would be the first real technology transfer from Audi and Ducati, because Audi already have such a system, having learnt from Honda’s VVT (variable valve timing).
 Audi's Valvelift system made its debut in the 2.8-litre direct injection V6 and is expected to be expanded for use in many other members of the 90-degree V6 / V8 family. The Valvelift system itself is a cam-changing type VVT as in the picture above. Compared with Honda's (or Toyota's) system, Audi's looks simpler and so more efficient and easier to squeeze into a motorcycle head. It does the variable lift without using complex intermediate parts such as hydraulic-operated lockable rocker arms, saving space and weight. And presumably makes a desmodromic version possible – because who’d expect Ducati abandon desmodromics?


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