Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Laverda Eagle flies in.

A reader queried a claim in Benzina #9 that the Laverda American Eagle failed to take off in the USA. "Evel Knieval had a short deal with American Eagle" he points out, "and they 'FLEW'!" Yes, very good. Also proves Evel was completely bananas, and a bonkers hero from a bonkers era.

And then there's a grumble on the drive, and a reader staying at the nearby Great Bustard rally rolls in on the only American Eagle I've ever seen. Syncronicity or what? Lovely thing, and to my mind proof that the Laverda 750 is one of the most under-rated and usable motorcycles out there, even though they are a tad heavy and big drum brakes can be grabby. Owner James of OTB Design reckons the engine weighs more than his Jota's, not helped by a crank that weighs 19kg on its own. And that's why they don't vibrate as much as a Brit 750.

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