Thursday, 18 October 2012

Conspiracy theory

This is publishing legend Mark Williams showing alarm at my usual reading material, snapped at last April's Stafford show - the sixth consecutive time I've had a stand at the biannual event. But we won't be there this time... and therein lies a tale. Morton's usually chase for exhibitors to book as early as possible, and have always said they won't sell a stand until a previous incumbent confirms they won't be returning. This means that good pitches really are dead men's shoes, complicated by the fact the April and October shows are booked separately. So I've spent ages waiting for waverers to eventually give up stands and crept steadily into better spots in the main hall. So what happened this time? My stand got sold from under me. Deep breath, and book another. But before confirming the B&B accommodation I checked back. Oops, despite taking debit card details and all the usual guff, they'd "forgotten" to book my second booking, and then I get the "Sorry sir but the show's now sold out" routine after umpteen unreturned calls and emails. Muddy anchors... but maybe they just don't like the competitionBenzina represents to their own magazines in these difficult times. Who knows? there are certainly some paranoid souls in today's publishing world, and I might be about to join them.

No matter, the Magazine Man is in the main hall (far end from the Bonham's auction) and has issue 10 ready and waiting. Still, I'll miss talking nonsense to like-minded souls and will instead sit at home scheming revenge. And, as they say in Italy, revenge is a dish best served cold.


  1. Hey, I won't miss you Greg; nothing personal, just I'm not going. But your story is the same as one I heard from a good friend who used to display his art on a stall at Goodwood. One year they simply upped the prices and 'sold' his pitch to one of the big-boys. It's all about how much money you have, and how loud you can shout. Us little guys won't stop buying Benzina though, so keep up the good work, Wil

  2. Thanks Wil - much appreciated. Maybe us little guys need a show of our own?