Friday, 19 October 2012


Like all publishers, we love our advertisers; but we also like ads that bring something to the look of the magazine and value for the readers. Mdina Italia should be well know to Ducati twin owners - what they can't find (or direct you to) probably doesn't exist. I bought my immaculate 906 Paso for a song because Ducati would only sell the tail light as a complete unit, for which they wanted north of £200. Mdina found a new lens for under £40. And Howard at Widecase wrote the buyers' guide to (guess what) Ducati's widecase singles in issue 10 of Benzina so knows what he's doing. Rates for adverts are below, and we can also help with design for a modest fee.

Inside page £195, half page (top) £100, quarter page £60, fifth page strip (above) £50, back cover £295

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