Thursday, 3 May 2012

The rain in... Stafford

Luckily, the rain in Stafford falls mainly on the outside. The poor autojumblers got alternatively soaked and blown away by the air ambulance on Saturday, and all had left by Sunday morning to avoid getting trapped in the quagmire of clay and rain. Which meant the main hall stayed busy - especially when Ago (above) gave his little chats. Nothing revelatory although a fellow scribbler who's also interviewed him remembered how you could tell when a pretty lady was walking behind you - Ago's eyes swivel, followed by a lull in the conversation, then his head follows said senorita. Ah, Ago, you old silver fox. I did like his line that after the Isle of Man, a race at Assen "was like a day on the beach."

Thanks to all who came to say hi, including Benzina's new Running Out of Road columnist, Mark Williams (below), although we might need to upgrade his reading matter first...

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  1. I knew Mr Williams when he was young.