Friday, 4 May 2012

Air Chamber for sale, MV woes... and tea and cakes

Who'd be a new motorcycle (or indeed car) dealer these days? You have to kit out the premises at vast expense to a pre-ordained formula, order a full years stock in the depths of winter with the prescience of a time traveller. Even then if the manufacturer finds they've a hit on their hands it's the dealer who has to explain to ever less patient punters that their pre-ordered bike will be 11 months late and cost more money than they'd been told.

That's the reason one subscriber's got this brand new Airchamber for sale - (above): RRP £255, offers invited to He'd ordered an MV Agusta F3 way back in January at full list price of £9999. He's now been told it'll be at least £200 more and not available till early 2013. Unsurprisingly he's cancelled the order. Piaggio are also blaming dealers for the shortage of Guzzi V7s last year - they really expect even small dealers to order everything they think they might be able to sell at the start of the season (which could mean having to pay for their entire years stock within 90 days of ordering) and then wondering why they only sold 300-odd bikes in the UK last year.

Chat to dealers and the marque they want is Triumph. Triumph look after dealers, accept times are tough and that a happy, well stocked (with spares, kit and bikes) dealer can offer us mere punters the level of service we crave. There's not really a Trumpet I'd want (OK, a Speed Triple, if you're offering) but I love the pride owners and dealers take in the brand, and in these desperate time most of all I love the jobs and wealth Triumph bring to the UK

On a happier note Saturday 2pm on all welcome to our monthly Teas and Cakes meet (last one of 2011 pictured below) - see you then

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