Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Perfect (Investment) Vehicle

No, not Melissa Holbrook Pierson's love letter to her various Guzzis, but the MGS-01 Moto Guzzi that's on eBay at the moment - when people finally wake up to the fact that Ducatis aren't the only Italian motorcycles and start to appreciate Guzzi's contribution to the history books the ultimate Guzzi V-twin will surely soar in value. Or you could just ride it. Or lend it to Benzina. Please...

Anyway given the eBay link won't be up for long, the text is reproduced below

Very very reluctant sale of this amazing hand built machine. This is build number 131, I picked it up from the Moto Guzzi factory myself on 30th December 2009. Moto Guzzi originally planned to make 100 of these bikes but due to demand they have been building extra bikes to order until they run out of parts. When I picked this one up the manager told me that they wouldn't be building many more! So this is a very special limited production racer, a classic for the future no doubt. I'm going to regret selling this, that's for sure, but needs must....

I bought the bike specifically for racing in the Thunderbike UK championship, for which it proved very competitive - I won 2 races first time out - unfortunately, as the engine freed up with a few miles under it's belt it became too powerful for the class rules. I tried racing it with extra ballast and a full tank of fuel but to be blunt, it started to handle like a barge because the weight went up from around 200kg to over 230kg!! I only raced in 2 rounds of the the Thunderbike UK championship before accepting defeat, choosing instead to enter some SoS races with New Era, but it's not really competitive against 160+bhp Ducati's so that didn't last long either!

In stock trim the bike comes equiped with Brembo brakes and Ohlins suspension front and rear. Few people seem aware that the Ohlins suspension on road going Aprilia's, Ducati's etc is not that much different to lower budget kit, it just has the right name on it, a bit of bling. For track use it is a real benefit to have the forks and shock re-valved, even the Ohlins kit needs this modification to perform well on track. This bike has had that done, a 25mm Ohlins valve kit in the forks and a re-valve and spring upgrade on the shock. The result is a bike that responds well to fast track riding, with lovely plush feeling forks allowing trail braking into corners in complete control. The rear shock allows all of that power and torque (90 ft lbs) to be applied safely coming out of corners. This set up is far far better than stock. I know because I first rode the bike in standard trim at Jerez and Almeria and it was bouncing about all over the place! The suspension was set up by Perry Leask at HM Racing, Edenbridge, Kent. He provides expert set up and advice and provides a data sheet showing all of the settings, which I still have.

The fueling has been set up using a Powercommander, also by HM Racing. They improved the response of the engine and increased the power considerably, which went up from around 121bhp to 130bhp at the back wheel!! I have the dyno sheets that show power and torque figures.

The brakes have been improved with the use of a race spec Brembo master cylinder, this firms up the lever pressure and gives fade free braking.

I have a spare set of OZ Racing wheels, the same as on the bike. These will be included with the sale as well as the original paddock stands and indoor Moto Guzzi bike cover.

The bike is in very good condition but it has been used, not stored in an office reception, therefore collectors may want to look elsewhere! The odometre show's 1717kms so, as any Guzzi man will tell you, it's not even run in yet! This bike would suit somebody that does track days and wants something different and special to ride. The mods I've listed make this a very capable track bike and believe me, start this bike up and a crowd will surely gather. I've never heard a better sounding bike in my life, that includes MotoGP, WSB, Ducati's - you name it and judging by other people's reactions I'm not the only one who thinks so!

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