Sunday, 15 April 2012

Monster SFC at teas and cakes

That should read Monsters, SFC, MZ and Enfield at teas and cakes. As the sun broke through Jack brought his "new" SFC (top) which is one of nine (yes, nine) Laverda triples he now owns. I guess the kid's bicycles now live outside.
Three Monsters turned up, including Richard's 696, brought as a change from his Lodola that features in Benzina #008 (below) although our greyhound wannabe,Ziggy, clearly thought it was a Parilla.

Benzina #008 ( available to order now ) out soon and certainly in time for the Stafford Classic Bike showwhere we'll be in the main hall, opposite Davida, on the 28/29 February. See you there

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  1. off all the Laverda 120° bikes, the SFC sure is the baddest.