Sunday, 23 October 2011

Omophobic nicknames

This is the brilliant Omobono Tenni, Guzzi works rider and much admired rider, including by Motosimpatico Restorations from whom the pic was shamelessly pinched: as they put it; "surely our patron saint...but‘Omobono’ as a blog title? A bit obscure; postings by confused and angry U2 fans would surely flood in."

Folk often refer to his "Black Devil" nickname, but it turns out Omobono was his real nickname - it means "Good man" and he was christened Tommaso. This sort of thing's common in Italy - Palladio (as in the father of Palladian architecture) was a nickname too.

There's a football stadium in Treviso named after Omobono, he was that loved in his native Italy: the video below showing him racing at the TT tells why, as does a past blog

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  1. Tommaso omo bono tinni was the nephew of my sons great grandfather Thomas Tenni (Tenney). Mr tenney was city building commisioner in Parkersburg , West Virginia. he was a wonderful stone mason, and a wonderful person. im sure tommaso was a grand person as was his Uncle. thank you