Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New for old

We're about to get a new range of tee shirts in, so the old designs have to go to make room. Sad to see these go because we spent a fortune on details like the tags and embroidered "3" (as in Hemmingway's "There are only three sports..." that an online sales platform couldn't make the most of. Anyway the new tees will just have prints on the front and should be with me for Stafford in October...I hope

But in the meantime all tees, sweats and polos are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE- no guarantees what design the freebie will be but it will be the same size and type of garment as your purchase. However if you put any preferences in the Paypal message box we'll do our best to meet them

1 comment:

  1. Hi Greg, just collected my bumper box with back issues & mug from the local P.O collections in Tring as I was out when it arrived. Was delayed on the train this morning into Euston after a vehicle hit a bridge & passed the time by getting stuck into Benzina issue #001. Excellent reading, thanks very much. Cheers - Paul.