Thursday, 15 September 2011

Free power

Our photovoltaic panels went on in 6 hours - will (thanks to Government feed in tarrifs -FITs) pay for itself inside eight years, but the FIT payments are guaranteed for 25 years linked to RPI (currently over £1500pa) and then there's all that free electricity. Even if you have to borrow the money it's a must-have. Plus I'm offsetting my motorcycling carbon footprint (ahem)
Panels fit to rails, then DC power goes inside roof via silicon glands
on to an inverter than creates AC electricty to feed to our consumer unit and export surplus back to the grid
Finished job - at 5pm generating almost 2kw - max capacity is 3.99kw. But you can't store it and if there's a power cut we're still stuffed because it needs AC to turn the DC to AC - if UC what I mean...anyway, it's usually dark when we get power cuts. Will moonlight work?

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