Monday, 1 February 2010

Electric bikes? Give peace a chance...

Now that the FIM have stitched up the organisers of 2009's electric (zero emissions) TT, it's clear that they've joined those folk who think electric vehicles are the future.

This is being done because it's supposedly green (which it's not - it's just city dwellers making sure their carbon footprint stamps on country folk) and because oil's running out

But oil running out at least means one less thing to fight about - most wars in the twentieth century were about oil - even Hitler originally just wanted an Autobahn through Poland to get to the tanker ports at Gdansk. Refusal unfortunately offended...

What's this to do with electric vehicles? They need batteries, ideally lithium. Most of which comes from Bolivia. Does Uncle Sam know enough about managing unstable regions to protect supplies? I think not

If we're going to wean ourselves off the crude stuff, wouldn't this be the time to sit down and think about alternatives that were unlikely to lead to war? Especially since it can't be long before we're all fighting over fresh water - never mind Africa, Spain's nearly running on dry..

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