Monday, 22 February 2010

Always in the wrong

Team Benzina helped out at the Bristol Classic Bike Show, trying to look knowledgeable on the very wonderful Ducati and MV Agusta owners' club stands. And occasionally creeping off to badger the ever helpful Magazine Man into selling more copies of the benzina magazine
But the day involved using up lots of brownie points, so much effort was made to seem positive and interested when returning to Benzina HQ, especially as the family had made pancakes for a postponed shrove Tuesday.

"But why are they green?" I foolishly asked
"They're not" came the reply "they're blue"
"Well they look green" I insisted
"Thats because the yellow of the egg yolks makes them look green, but the food dye's blue"

So lesson learnt; even when you're right, you're wrong

Never mind - the new mag looked fab on the stand next to the coolest mag out there Sideburn and the lovely Men's File. And the new Classic Bike mag featured an Interceptor article by TB - talk about sychronicity

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