Friday, 13 November 2009

Styling it up

A classy old Italian bike is a beautiful thing, but can you get the riding kit that puts the cherry on the cake? Davida have the helmet sussed, and dear old Arai do some full- faces that don't look too out of place. But gloves and boots? They always seem to look like they were either designed for Stormtroopers or gardening. You only have to look at the prices paid for old Lewis Leather's boots to realise Team Benzina are not alone in this sartorial quandary, but Lewis Leather's stuff doesn't do it for us; worn by too many motorcycle cops as they wagged fingers at us way back when.
Anyway, as Italophiles what we want is retro Sidi boots. Good enough for Hailwood at the TT, and King Kenny when he was still racing Stateside in short trousers. So TB go to Sidi in Italy, and courtesy of Google Translate ask what chance of retro-repros as part of their 50th birthday celebrations? After all, Spidi made replicas of the gloves worn by Lawson&Co on their 30th anniversary.

Not a chance, say Sidi. Which is a shame

King Kenny pics from the very wonderful Sideburn magazine

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  1. try Bates Leathers
    you cans till get classic style boots made-to-order in any colour.

    As for leathers, I just bought a Dutch made MJK
    'Classic' suit. German hide, with integrated protectors, a few subtle modern niceties, but all black & NO logos.