Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bike photography

Why do all bike pics seem to feature someone trying to look like Rossi on a hot lap? Is it just us, or do they look like right dorks? A racer at his craft is a beautiful thing to behold, but the rest of us need to learn our place.

Benzina is lucky enough to count a pro bike snapper on the team and his view is that's what editors think people want. Which is frankly bollox - if you're a good enough rider, lets see you racing; otherwise we'd like to see the bike, thank you very much.

And surely the master of this art was the late Bob Carlos Clarke. Moody shots that made you lust after the bike even more, and hand tinted by a guy who changed the way we look at bikes.

We're such fans of the classic Le Mans shot we're going to try and reshoot it for a new generation. Can't wait.

With thanks to the Estate for permission to use the pics

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  1. That pic of the mk 1 Le Mans by BCC is peerless. If only Bike could revive some of that great art tradition that made it the rebel instead of the mainstream it has become.

    RIP BCC - Great man with a tragic end.