Monday, 23 November 2009

Shiny side up? No thank you

Extreme classic bike ownership is rare, but it’s out there. Immaculate bikes restored with impossible-to-get parts to a standard the factory could never have imagined. These baubles hang around heated garages, waiting for the next chance to add to the prizes on their owner’s mantelpiece.

Don't get it, never will. In a parallel world Team Benzina advise on historic building preservation - not restoration, note, but preservation. Keeping things as close to the way they were made, marked only by the story of their history, not "improved" to some arbitary standard.

Put it this way; if you were given Hailwood's '78 TT Ducati, would you want to see the scuff marks where the great man wrestled the SS over the mountain, or would you repaint the fibreglass to look all shiny and new?

If you want a bike that gleams, go buy a new one. And leave the ones that tell a story alone.

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