Monday, 31 March 2014

The real Downton Abbey - motorsport and Mummy's day

Well, what a weekend: Yes, Dr Girlie Nice-Smile and I are the new lead characters in Downton Abbey. Or not - but we have just spent an incredible day at my cousin's wedding, held at Highclere Castle, aka Downton Abbey to fans of TV soaps. Dr Girlie Nice-Smile won't let me watch it because my training is in historic buildings means I tend to mutter way in the background, with stuff like, "That's wrong; they wouldn't have done that; who writes this guff?" which apparently detracts from my lovely wife's viewing pleasure. Odd really because I never complain at the "who's the rider in front of Rossi?" or "Who overtook Rossi ?" type quiz that accompanies MotoGP.

Anyway, we discovered another facet of the 5th Earl of Earl of Carnarvon,   George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert, who is the real life equivalent of Hugh Bonneville’s Earl of Grantham character in Downton. Turns out the 5th Earl was a famous Egyptologist (yes, we got to see a sarcophagus on Mummy's Day!) but also a racing driver and motorsport nut. He raced in the 1907 Dieppe Grand Prix and a serious motor accident in Germany left him with lifelong injuries. These, in turn, meant moving to a warmer climate - Egypt. So without motorsport, his discoveries may have remained uncovered.

A bloke called Bonneville ought to be bringing motorsport to Downtown. Apparently the next series in set in the mid-1920s, so we can legitimately weave a storyline around bringing Tazio Nuvolari and his Bianchi Celeste Freccia 350 over to race at the TT. And, if Mr Bonneville has a problem with that, I reckon Dr Girlie and I can do posh well enough to take over.

“I say, Carson, bring the Alfa Romeo round to the front of the house. And then make yourself scarce - I'll do the driving thank you.”


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